Explaining the finer points of (Hamiltonian) public finance to Paul Krugman and Bob Silvers

I’m interested in the historical roots of informed citizenship. But I also try to do my part to inform the public about history and its contemporary relevance.

I’ve published commentary in national and local venues about educational opportunity, the importance of public schools to democracy, public humanities funding, and how we remember (or don’t)  the history of slavery and antislavery, as well as letters on charter schools and history education .

I am an active history blogger and public speaker. You can find my writing over at The Junto: A Group Blog on Early American History, where I am a contributing member, and on the New York Public Library website, where I posted frequently during my post-doc. You can also hear me talk about committees and governments during the American Revolution on episode 153 of Ben Franklin’s World and see me moderate a panel discussion on Alexander Hamilton and the Election of 1800.

During my time at NYPL, I ended up as a talking head on the founding fathers’ drinking habits (here and here). This led to a most ignominious distinction: being mentioned in a story on Brobible.